GIS & Remote Sensing Service

GIS & Remote Sensing Application

Energy Services

Industrial Services


Energy Services

Boiler Operation and Maintenance

Our thermal engineers will conduct baseline survey of the boiler, including testing equipments, measuring efficiency, observing operation, and checking water quality. We will collaborate with our clients to calculate all related costs to produce saturated steam of the boiler including fuel, labour, maintenance, electricity and labour.

Industrial Services

Industrial Maintenance and Repair

Our mechanical engineers will conduct performance test of all equipments, and baseline to calculate production failure rate (frequency and time). We will collaborate with our clients to calculate the costs caused by production failure, and propose maintanance plan to reduce production failure costs and increase equipment life expectancy.

Research & survey services

Base line data survey and market research

Green field provide base line data survey and market research for social economic sectors, agriculture-forestry and rural development, infrastructure and utility and market research. In recent years, Green Field has implemented numerous base-line survey projects in timber market, energy sector, social economic and policy impacts.

Remote sensing services

Remote sensing services & solution

Green Field is a trusted consultancy to government, donors, private sector, NGO to provide remote sensing solution for natural resources management. Green Field has successfully implemented projects across Vietnam on forest inventory, infrastructure mapping, environmental risk accessment, ecological analysis and mapping.

GIS Services

GIS service & solution

Green Field provide GIS solution for planning, natural resource management, infrastructure and urban management. We work with government, private sector, and non-government clients on the geographic information systems technology for agriculture, forestry, water resources, assess management and environmental monitoring.

Evaluation & monitoring services

Project evaluation and monitoring

Green Field offers a full range of project evaluation services to help clients make more informed decisions about their programs, policies and investment. Green Field has expertise in evaluation design, data collection, statistical analyses, and report writing. Our evaluation team has extensive experience with providing an in-depth picture of a project’s program processes, outcomes, and impacts.